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Safe Harbor is dedicated to educating communities about the dangers that face today's young people, and to restoring families who have been negatively affected by their teenager's behavior.

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About Safe Harbor

 Safe Harbor is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization that was founded in 1998 by parents dealing with the uncertainty, tensions and pain generated by the poor personal choices made by their adolescent children. These poor decisions not only create severe problems for the children, with the serious possibility of death, but also result in a family torn apart, on top of, the negative influences placed on younger siblings and friends.

“Safe Harbor is dedicated to providing preventative guidance along with timely and helpful information about the destructive behaviors that threaten today’s young people. For families in crisis, we offer support, counsel and hope for changed lives and restored relationships.”

Our goal is to restore families using biblical principals in combination with practical clinical principals. Our desire is to come along side of parents and teens and lead them back into wholeness and relationship with Jesus Christ.

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